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Wow! I'm extremely impressed with your service and distribution model. This has been a terrific experience. Thank you for helping me get the word out and at an affordable price! I will recommend your service to everyone I know.
Kristen Clark, Founder of Backyard Birding Paradise.
Thank you and am impressed by your service. I used PRWire and received better results with you.
Darren Chaker, Blogger
I was very nervous so I read all the reviews I could about Pressreleasejet. They spoke highly of them so I tried them out. I absolutely love them. They sent me a list of all the places they sent my press release to. Many of them picked it up. They told me they may or my not and I appreciated their honesty. Well they did their part and distributed and many of them selected the PR. Great working with them.
Neteira El, Certified Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of The ANU Practice.
Thank you very much...we will place some more orders this week and make sure we are in a good flow for everything to work great. I appreciate your help with this. If you are even in New York, please let me know as we would love to interview you on our talk show. I think your service is amazing.
Bonnie B., Executive Producer & Host of theASKBONBONShow.com
Within 24 hours of the release going live, our author was booked for a radio interview and he was later asked to contribute to a monthly column as an "expert" in his niche.
Alex, Contractor at Outskirt Publishing
I am the marketing director for a SaaS company in the digital signing industry based out of Venice Beach. We have been using Press Release Jet for almost a year now. We use their unbranded PR plan primarily because we are in a competitive space and it prevents our competitors from reverse engineering some of our marketing strategies. I have had tremendous success using press releases in conjuction with our content marketing and organic search channel.

I use the Google Keyword Planner tool to identify long tail keywords within our industry. We use this as the keywords for our PR campaigns and most of the time, our PR will show up on the top of Google and stay for weeks. We are completely dominating our market space in search results.

Overall, I am very happy and so is our CEO.
Rad Dan, Marketing Director
We have been using Press Release Jet for quite some time now. The owner kindly asked me to write a review and I am more than happy to do so. I do PR for clients in the health care industry. These guys do a great job getting my press releases into search engines and bringing prospect leads to my clients. I have seen a lot of success particularly with a dental office client of mine where I am helping promote Zirconia dental implants for their New Jersey office. My only comment would be that it would be nice to have phone support but I do understand why they do not offer it when their prices are so already so cheap. I am giving a 5/5 review because the owner was really nice and they have been a great tool for my business and my clients.
Press Release Jet Getting Amazing Exposure for our Scalp Micropigmentation Business.

We're so happy that we chose you as our distribution outlet. The response has been tremendous. We're able to help more bald men suffering from baldness with our hair tattoo treatments. Not many men know that SMP is out there and can actually help them fix their balding and loss of confidence. PRJet helps us get the word out and garners amazing results.

Our releases are always distributed in a prompt fashion, and the customer service and professionalism is outstanding.

Press Release Jet is highly recommended for any business looking to gain additional exposure for their products or services.
Brad Locke, CEO of HeadPower Hair Clinic
You are great thanks! First time using Press Release Jet!
Adriana Valencia, Solo Auto Electronics
We have seen significent increase in sales after integrating press releases using Press Release Jet into our marketing campaign. Press releases has been our third most effective channel following organic and paid search.
CMO at Vectorizely
We run a Rugby store in Glendale California and our web designer recommended Press Release Jet. We uploaded our press release and paid $75 for their Premium. After 3 days we got our report from Vlad and saw our business in hundreds of online media outlets including FOX and ABC. Very satisfied customer.
I was deeply impressed with the results from Press Release Jet. Every company sending press releases needs to use Press Release Jet for their press releases. Keep up the great week guys!
Transcripty.com, the leader in audio transcriptions
We will continue to use Press Release Jet for our marketing efforts. Incredible results!!
Marianne Dela Rosa, Founder of Utopia Health Care
I was initially attracted by their prices, but was pleasantly surprised with the results. This was exactly what I was looking for since most of my clients want their announcements out there as quickly as possible. The press releases were searchable on google the next day and the dossier they provided was very helpful with reassuring clients. Definitely using their service in the future!
Alexander O'Shea
Our Google organic search traffic increased 300% once we started using Press Release Jet as part of our overall SEO backlink strategy. Unbelievable results at unbeatable prices!
Solomon Rothman, CEO at Movie Pals Entertainment
Having used PressReleaseJet more than a dozen times, I've appreciated the value of excellent coverage and the biggest bang for the buck, better than others in the field. I would recommend PressReleaseJet.com to anyone.
Dr. Richard Ruhling, Total Health
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