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The Top 10 Ways to Promote an Ebook

So you’ve finally accomplished one of your life’s great ambitions and published an Ebook. Time to celebrate!

But only for a little while.

Remember that it’s up to you to market and promote your Ebook. Otherwise, all your hard work will just be out in the Internet somewhere and no one will ever bother to look at it, much less buy it.

Don’t let this happen! Follow these 10 steps to make sure that your awesome new Ebook gets into the hands of your readers.

  1. Have a clear plan. Decide well in advance of the publication date exactly what you are going to do to promote your Ebook. Identify a plan that focuses on the best venues for reaching your target audience. Then write down a schedule and stick to it.
  2. Make your Ebook searchable on Google. Ensure that your book can easily be found in a Google search. Send out an Ebook press release with the title of your book in the headline.
  3. Create a digital presence. Long before your publication date, build up your online presence through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms that may be relevant to your topic. Start a blog and post there regularly, as well as commenting on other blogs that may be frequented by your target audience. That way, when you are ready to market your Ebook, you will already have an audience that cares about what you have to say.
  4. Get on major news networks. Let the media know about your book and all the reasons why it is so fabulous. The best way to do this is a simple Ebook press release. A Premium Press Release for $129 from Press Release Jet will automatically distribute your Ebook press release to the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW)
  5. Give away your first chapter for free. If you have a compelling first chapter, you can generate interest in your book by allowing your audience to download a free PDF copy of the first chapter to make them want more. Offer a product code or activation key which allows them to “unlock” the rest of the book once they buy it.
  6. Get social proof. Share reviews from readers and target area experts. Including quotes from these reviews in an Ebook press release on the major networks (see point 4) will greatly increase chances of people viewing it and sharing on social media.
  7. Run contests and promotions. People love contests, special sales, and giveaways! Consider promotions such as offering the book for free during a specified time, like for the first five days after publication, or perhaps every Friday. Offer prizes in exchange for reviews on Amazon. While it may seem counter-intuitive, seasoned Ebook writers have learned that fun giveaways actually lead to an increase in sales.
  8. Use target keywords in a press release. Take some time to figure out what keywords will most appeal to your target audience. Try to incorporate keywords that are relevant to the topic of your book, especially if those keywords are not in your book’s title. Sending out an Ebook press release with those target keywords will definitely get the attention of prospective buyers.
  9. Make a video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions. Create a simple but engaging “book trailer” and include a link to it on your social media sites and in your Ebook press release. Here is a great example of a video from an Ebook press release to give you some ideas.
  10. Establish yourself as an authority in your industry or genre. Provide background information about the life experiences that you have had which make you an expert. For example, if your book is about bullying in schools, let people know about your experience as a school counselor. A brief “About the Author” section at the end of an Ebook press release is the best way to accomplish this. You should also include accurate contact information and possibly some quotes about your credibility in the field, or your strength in this particular genre.

It is can be difficult and overwhelming for writers to promote their Ebooks. Having a clear, step-by-step plan will help you get your book into the hands of your readers.

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