3H Medi Solution, Inc. Partners to Incorporate Adherence Technologies in Clinical Trials

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  United States - 12/19/2019 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

The company looks to Tim Houchin to deliver technologies that will help improve the efficacy and quality of the data 


December 19, 2019, Tokyo, Japan – Japanese clinical trial company, 3H Medi Solution Inc., has announced a new collaboration with health technology industry consultant Tim Houchin, to improve its clinical trials in Japan and across Asia. The new partnership will leverage Mr. Houchin's deep expertise in smart device technologies, wearables, and patient adherence protocols to improve the accuracy of the trials while giving the company a technological advantage over its competitors.

Through the use of smart technology and apps, via cell phones or wearable devices, patients will receive alerts reminding them to take their medication while trial organizers will be able to track important events, such as how much medication is taken, when, where, and the frequency during the day. 3H Medi Solution intends to put these technologies at the forefront of its clinical trials, allowing the data to be viewed and analyzed to help pharmaceutical companies better understand the effects the medications have on the trial patients.

"This is an important development for our pharmaceutical customers and partners," said 3H Medi Solution CEO, Sho Ando. "They are investing in us to deliver key data quickly and accurately, and with the addition of smart technology we can go beyond what is currently possible."

A key factor in any clinical trial is adherence, a patient's ability to follow a regular schedule for medication intake. Clinical trial organizers and patients must follow a set schedule accurately and report any variances after the event. Incorporating smart technology streamlines the communication and coordination between clinicians, their patients, and the pharma companies to improve and better manage the recommended dosages of medications. 

"It is very important to work with clinical trial companies and prove that medication does work when taken properly," said Mr. Houchin. "By leveraging technology, we can monitor the usage and provide data in real-time that will be helpful throughout these trials." Pharmaceutical companies are striving to create new molecules all the time to combat chronic diseases. “By incorporating technology, we can track the efficacy of the medications to help measure dosages against successful outcomes,” says Houchin.

Adherence is a real problem that needs real solutions to help improve patient lives while lowering costs associated with emergency room visits and hospital stays. This is greater than a $500 billion annual problem globally. “Through the adoption of these technologies we can create greater efficiencies for all stakeholders. Clinical trials are a proving ground for smart-devices and I am thrilled to be working with 3H Medi, one of the largest clinical trial companies in Asia," said Tim Houchin.

Mr. Houchin is a business development expert who is focused on healthcare technology. He has first-hand experience working in the smart device space, expanding upon the economic benefits of adherence. Tim led the enterprise sales efforts at Pebble Tech (acquired by Fitbit) and most recently led business development for a smart inhaler company gaining valuable knowledge working closely with large payors, pharmacy chains, and health care companies.

Mr. Ando continued, "We are very excited about working with Tim; we look forward to leveraging his technical expertise and knowledge in the space to help us improve the quality of data we generate.


About 3H Medi Solution Inc.

3H Medi Solution is a life science group that connects people's health and happiness supporting communications among stakeholders such as patients, companies, and medical facilities through patient recruitment in clinical trials, patent research, and disease awareness programs. With a patient pool of over 800,000 people, 3H enrolls more than 10,000 subjects per year through their patient recruitment services. We solve various health-related issues using the latest technology and our patient-centricity approach.

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