Actor and Felon Steve Comisar Asks Hollywood Superstars For Help

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Steve Comisar is best known for being the only Hollywood actor who is also a famous con man. He knows that getting back into the acting game after going to prison for fraud is not going to be easy. That’s why he is asking Hollywood’s top A-List directors, producers, agents, and actors, for a little help booking some decent acting jobs to get his career back on track again. Comisar says, “This is Hollywood where dreams come true and underdogs become stars overnight. With a little help I know I will be very successful.”

With brute determination and some assistance from a few industry heavyweights Comisar can jump start his once promising acting career. One thing for certain is that Steve Comisar does not give up. “Hollywood is very forgiving of actors who got in trouble with the law and were sent to prison. Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Wahlberg are just two examples of Hollywood bad boys who served time in prison and emerged as two of the highest paid and most sought after actors in the business,” says Comisar’s manager, Victor Kruglov.

Comisar began acting at a very young age appearing in movies, television shows, and commercials. After getting convicted of fraud for running a telemarketing scam, Comisar was sentenced to 3 years in federal prison. While at Club-Fed he wrote the bestselling book, America’s Guide to Fraud Prevention, under his new nom de plume, Brett Champion Consumer Watchdog.

After getting released from prison Comisar became an overnight sensation on the television talk show circuit pulling hidden camera scams on live studio audiences and educating the public on how not to be victimized by fraud. Comisar gave away hundreds of copies of his book for free to television audiences and various seniors groups. 

Comisar then became the on-camera fraud and scam expert on Dateline NBC and The View. He starred in the award winning documentary, Making Crime Pay, which was produced by the ACFE and is now used to train the FBI, CIA, U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Attorneys Office, U.S. Secret Service, and over 100 other state and federal law enforcement agencies. He then went on to star in the CBS prime time television special, The Con Man, which was viewed by over ten million people and won the prestigious Viewers Choice Award for best reality television special. Comisar finally became famous for being bad. 

Loving the cameras and the attention Comisar returned to acting full time. He landed a co-starring role in the motion picture, Tough Luck, among other supporting roles in movies and television. Sadly, Comisar couldn’t resist making the easy millions and he pulled another scam. He was sent back to Club-Fed one last time and was released in 2018. Comisar’s long time publicist Jenna Gray says,  “Just one phone call from a Steven Spielberg or a Mark Wahlberg and Steve Comisar will be working as an actor again. I’m praying that a few major players come forward and help Steve.”

While Comisar waits for the troops to arrive he has been very active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where he commands a worldwide social media fan base of nearly one million loyal followers. Comisar’s now retired talent agent, Barry Freed, says, “If anyone in a position of power can help Steve book a few decent acting jobs, they would be helping make his dream come true by giving him the career jump start he so badly needs. Everyone in Hollywood is rooting for Steve to succeed. I humbly ask all entertainment industry heavyweights to come forward now and help give Steve a second chance.”

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