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Cancer and Liars When “Talking All the Health Benefits” of Coffee, Says Health Expert

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A World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) report has reversed a 25-year-old categorization of coffee from a “possible carcinogen” to “inadequate evidence” that it causes cancer. (

  USA - 08/02/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

They should have looked back 35 years to the New England Journal of Medicine report.  “A strong association between coffee consumption and pancreatic cancer was evident in both sexes” in a study of 369 cases of pancreatic cancer with 644 controls. This association was not affected by controlling for cigarette use. NEJM, 3-12-1981.

Two women  on ABC’s Channel 12 in Medford OR, “talking all the health benefits” of coffee were basing it  on a WHO report that ignores clinical experience, says Dr. Richard Ruhling. He’s a physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University, and offers the following contrast to illuminate this dark brown liquid.

He says, When something like exercise is good for the body, it’s good many ways: it helps neutralize the “fight or flight” effects of stress, is an aid to sleep, digestion, elimination, weight loss, helps one feel good (endorphins), lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, changes the bad  cholesterol (LDL) to the good kind (HDL), prevents osteoporosis and depression and is a benefit to some aspects of immunity.  This is just a partial list

Things that are bad for the body like coffee are also bad in many ways. Coffee tends to create nervous disorders and sleep problems. It tends to create Premature Ventricular Contractions that could trigger a fatal arrhythmia so that it is not allowed in Coronary Care Units. It is a powerful gastric acid stimulant so the drug companies love to sell you all the antacids and acid blocker prescriptions. It is a major cause of fibrocystic breast disease—the most common reason for breast surgery, to be sure the lump is not cancer. Cancer of the pancreas is cited above, but a Harvard report focused on increased risk of bladder cancer. Chromosome damage with cleft palate and hare lip can be caused by consumption during pregnancy, and osteoporosis is increased by coffee consumption. Neither last nor least is headaches, often caused by withdrawal because it is an addiction and quickly “solved” by Anacin or Excedrin or some prescription drug that has caffeine as one of the ingredients, according to Ruhling.

He adds that decaffeinated coffees may eliminate some, but not all of the above problems and it has the coffee acids and oils that are irritants to the stomach. Brown liquids (including tea and colas) are bad for health, and the additives like sugar and cream or non-dairy chemicals are not healthful, says Ruhling, cautioning that much “research” is funded by major companies to spin the facts.

Caffeine is a drug; do we really need this naturally bitter liquid that is addicting? asks Ruhling, citing Pavlov, the famous Russian scientist who called coffee, “bad-habit glue,” because people tend to live with bad habits like overwork, big supper and then watch TV late—they would never make it to work the next day without their quick fix.

For those who would like to break this habit or addiction, pick a long weekend, maybe like Labor Day, tapering consumption but quitting “cold turkey” for Saturday through Tuesday when symptoms may be tolerable with aspirin, Advil or Tylenol.  Migraine headaches can be eased by putting both forearms and hands in a large sink of hot water for 3 minutes, then ice cold water in the adjoining sink for 30-60 seconds, alternating this several times, ending with cold. During withdrawal, get extra exercise and sleep, eat light and pray for personal freedom and America.

Dr. Ruhling’s website, has a link in the left column, Be Your Own Doctor with insights on other health topics. His ebooks have mostly 4-5 star reviews at  where three are free  Wednesday, August 3. 

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