Clinton Millennials Cite Education as Most Important Issue, While Trump Millennials Cite Terrorism

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Paradigm Sample and Millennial Mix have released the results of their Millennial Presidential Election Study today. The results reveal strong contrasts in millennial voting preferences, key drivers, and more. According to the study, Hillary Clinton’s millennial supporters’ number one issue is education (72%), while Trump’s millennial supporters’ select terrorism (64%) as their primary issue. For Clinton millennial supporters, the issue of terrorism is fourth at 42 percent.

Additionally, Trump’s millennial supporters choose second amendment rights / gun policy (51%) as their fourth most important issue. This issue is not in the top five for Clinton’s millennial supporters.

Clinton Millennials vs. Trump Millennials: Top 5 Most Important Issues

Clinton Millennials

1. Education (72%)

2. Economy (58%)

3. Healthcare / Affordable Care Act (57%)

4. Terrorism (42%)

5. Social Security (38%)

Trump Millennials

1. Terrorism (64%)

2. Economy (60%)

3. Education (53%)

4. 2nd Amendment Rights / Gun policy (51%)

5. Social Security (37%)

The study also examines which candidate has stronger preferences for President.  Overall, the results show, Democrat, Hillary Clinton to be the favorite candidate with a 12-point lead over Republican, Donald Trump (36% to 24%).

More specifically, older millennials (b. 1980-1988) have a stronger preference to Clinton, versus younger millennials (b. 1989-1997). Older millennials give Clinton a 16 percent lead over Trump (40% versus 24%), while younger millennials prefer Clinton to Trump by 7 percent. 

Not surprisingly, 23 percent of younger millennials and 17 percent of older millennials, state they do not prefer any of the current candidates holding the position of President of the United States.

About the Study

The Millennial Presidential Election Study is a comprehensive look at generational voting preferences, attitudes, and voting drivers and was comprised of nearly 3,800 voters, spanning from Millennials (b.1980-1997), Gen Xers (b.1965-1979) and Boomers (b.1946-1964). Millennials, comprised half of the sample, with nearly 1,974 completes and was fielded over a 3-week period from August 29th to September 18th.  

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