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  OSAKA - 10/08/2019 (PRESS RELEASE JET)


FUJITA KINZOKU, the small-town iron factory in OSAKA, JAPAN, announced that they are going to launch Kickstarter campaign starting from 10th of October 2019 to share the wonderful experience of using its masterpiece cookware, FRYING PAN JIU. It is already launched in Japan on October 2018, Since their market research showed that current size is not large enough for some foreign countries, they are now keen to add larger size to their lineups to be able to share the worldview and wonderful experience of FRYING PAN JIU with everyone in the world.



Japanese creative design unit TENT and FUJITA KINZOKU worked closely together to design and produce this brand new masterpiece cookware, FRYING PAN JIU, for the purpose of improving efficiency and smartness of your cooking and eating. 

We often feel joy and happiness by cooking meals for ourselves or with your friends, and also enjoy having the meal together. However, in our modern busy life, there are less opportunities to have such a situation. Cooking and eating are necessary daily actions for all human beings, and it supposed to enrich your life. FUJITA KINZOKU and TENT had repeated trials and errors to find the best solution for getting those opportunities back for everyone, especially for those who are having busy life. After several month of continuous trial and error, they finally managed to bring the idea into shape.




................ it is not a new concept but a beautiful example of Dieter Ram’s philosophy, “less, but better.” Surely, using the frying pan you just cooked in as a plate is an age-old device employed by everyone from broke college students to campers. However, TENT’s design is startlingly fresh and unique.

(source: design milk - *1)

it is not a new concept   ................   but when rethought, reworked and redesigned, the result can be startlingly fresh and unique. That’s what this Japanese design duo set out to do with the Frying Pan JIU."

(source: Spoon & Tamago *2)


As "design milk" (*1), online design magazine, mentioned on their articles, the idea of using a frying pan for cooking as well as a plate isn't a brand-new idea. However, clear differences about FRYING PAN JIU is its design, quality and functionality.

The unique sliding handle can be attached/detached from any angle to the iron frying pan by one hand. Hard temper processing method is applied for this 1.6mm thick Japanese iron pan and it can be used over the generations. When the handle is detached from it, it sits naturally on the dining table as an elegant black plate.



................ With the handle, the Jiu looks like an elegant cast iron pan fit for the finest kitchens, and without the handle, the Jiu takes on a much more classy plate-esque avatar. 

(source: YANKO DESIGN - *3)


More details and stories about JIU are available on our Kickstarter campaign page, as well as on our website. Should you require any other details, please feel free to be in touch with us by email at anytime.


The Campaign is running for 30 days. With the shipment of 1st batch of reward starting end of November 2019, It is going to be just in time for Christmas or New Year gift for yourself, families and friends! 


FUJITA KINZOKU & TENT are both looking forward to seeing you all at our Kickstarter campaign!



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Tsuyoshi NOMOTO


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