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Commercial Real Estate Investors Flock to New Energy Crowdfunding Platform for Massive Tax Benefits

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Commercial real estate investors are now adding Oil and Gas investments to their portfolios as a unique crowdfunding platform based in Houston, Texas has begun to open up access to energy industry investments in ways never before possible. is a cutting edge financial technology platform dedicated to disrupting the way people from around the world invest directly into energy investments, starting with oil and gas.  The groundbreaking concept of providing direct access to energy investments through a crowdfunding model has recently become extremely attractive to investors of all backgrounds, including commercial real estate investors, due to the substantial tax benefits made available to oil and gas investors.  Until recently, such benefits had been reserved only for very wealthy investors.  However, the previously high barrier to entry has now been removed via EnergyFunders’ award-winning crowdfunding technology which makes it possible for any investor to participate in the oil and gas sector without meeting fairly elite financial qualifications.

Much like commercial real estate, oil and gas investments provide substantial tax incentives for investors along with a wide range of additional benefits.  The IRS offers exceptional tax benefits to investors via the Intangible Drilling Cost (IDC) deduction in which an investor can deduct up to 80% of their investment amount in the first year of the investment.  The remaining 20% can be depreciated over 7 years, similar to straight-line depreciation.  In addition, there is a Depletion Allowance Incentive that applies to small producers and investors which excludes the first 15% of gross income from oil and gas wells from taxation.

With the advent of crowdfunding technologies like the EnergyFunders platform, commercial real estate investors along with investors from all other asset classes are now able to gain access to transparent data on premium, hand selected oil and gas investment opportunities, education on how to select the best projects for their investment goals, and the ability to begin with very small investment amounts to “test the water.”

To learn more the similarities between commercial real estate and oil and gas investments, see Commercial Real Estate Investors Find Increased Tax Benefits in Oil and Gas Investments.” provides investors with unprecedented access to projects that were traditionally reserved to the wealthy or those with inside information. Its mission is to provide everyday investors access to direct energy investments with unprecedented convenience through low buy-ins, due diligence, and a wealth of information regarding each project.  Along with oil and gas investments, EnergyFunders’ platform will soon be offering crowdfunding investment opportunities in wind, solar, biofuels, and other alternative energy projects in the upcoming months.

For more information about the Energy Funders crowdfunding platform and its benefits to commercial real estate investors, go to

Disclaimer:  This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered tax or investment advice.  Please consult with your tax professional.

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