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Forex Trading Global - The "Steel Punch" In Modern Financial Market

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  United States, New York, New York - 10/20/2019 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

Forex Trading Global - The "Steel Punch" In Modern Financial Market

Forex Trading Global is a leading financial fund management & development company in New York, USA; specializes in providing smart trading & investment solutions in the forex market, giving investors easy access and maximum profit from this market.

Forex Trading is the first trading platform in the world to coordinate between amateur investors and artificial intelligence on the Forex market. Accordingly, Investors participating in the transaction are guaranteed profits up to 200% and receive profit immediately.

The AI technology of Forex Trading is known as the "Steel Punch" in the financial market, with the ability to identify the right market and the ability to automatically trade like masters.


AI Trading (Aritificial Intelligence Trading) is considered the "Steel Punch" in financial technology with the ability to aggregate and analyze data in the history of financial transactions to give regulations, forecast for the future and generate sustainable trading profits despite market fluctuations.

AI Trading is applied on Forex Trading platform with AI Hedging trading strategy - automatically hedging Investor's capital when trading losses.

AI Trading is considered a great step forward in the modern financial trading market.


Hedging is a method when market prices go against the trader's trading trends.

Hedging technique is applied to buy and sell continuously with increasing volume until the market goes in one direction until it is profitable to close all transactions.

Advantages: No matter whether the market trend is rising or falling, up and down trends are beneficial for all transactions.

Forex Trading AI Hedging is an automated trading AI. It synthesizes strategies, techniques and methods of protecting risks for Investors when the market goes wrong or the Investors trade losses.


  • High profits are paid immediately upon participation.
  • Withdrawal of profits 1% per day.
  • Deposit, withdraw quickly and transparently with BTC.
  • Easy to join for beginners to practice trading skills, no risk.
  • Take advantage of the power of compound interest.
  • Attractive business opportunity with very high income!

Join Forex Trading Global today!

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