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Hangover Remedy Startup HANGONATOR Sets To Raise US$ 110,000 through Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo

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New Startup HANGONATOR announced today that it will be launching a seed round funding campaign using the crowdfunding platform effective October, 23 2017. 

HANGONATOR is targeting to raise up to $110,000 to launch its brand new bio scientific hangover terminator patch the HANGONATOR, in 2 months.  As part of our campaign pre-orders will discounted as much as 30%.

HANGONATOR CEO Ron Harris hosted a webinar last week for entrepreneurs, international resellers, nightclub owners, hospitality industry and alcohol retailers who have tested the product, they were all impressed with the results and are ready to purchase quantities.

The company has been working on the HANGONATOR for nearly 3 years and has done over 2000 field trials.  The HANGONATOR Patch is not medicine, it’s not a vitamin in fact there are no ingredients, and it is a bio scientific breakthrough engineered to block hangovers with absolutely no side effects. The HANGONATOR patch is engineered to affect your body’s bio-resonance and alter subharmonic bio frequencies, programming your body to act in a specific way to alcohol consumption.

Most scientists believe that a hangover is driven by alcohol interfering with your body's natural balance of chemicals in a more complex way. One hypothesis is that in order to process alcohol, your body must convert the enzyme NAD+ into an alternate form, NADH.

The simplest and most familiar explanation is that drinking alcohol cause’s dehydration, both because it acts as a diuretic, increasing urine production, and because people who are drinking heavily for multiple hours probably aren't drinking much water during that time period. But studies have found no correlation between high levels of the hormones associated with dehydration and the severity of a hangover.

Other studies show that hangovers result from a buildup of acetaldehyde, a toxic compound, in the body. As the body processes alcohol, acetaldehyde is the very first byproduct, and it's estimated to be between 10 and 30 times as toxic as alcohol itself.

Many studies showed that hangovers are also driven by the way alcohol affects your immune system. Studies have found strong correlations between high levels of cytokines—molecules that the immune system uses.

What this shows alcohol stops the healthy exchange of information between cells, contributing to symptoms like muscle aches, fatigue, headache, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, thirst, sweating, skin flushing, as well as cognitive effects like memory loss or irritation.

HANGONATOR, kills most hangover symptoms before they start, programing your cells to keep the body in balance and functioning as normal. The technology blocks the signs and symptoms of a hangover, those that generally start to occur when your blood alcohol drops considerably. HANGONATOR stops the symptoms that typically happen in the morning after a night of high alcohol consumption including, headaches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and anxiety.

There are four owners of the HANGONATOR, all professionals ranging in age 25 to 50.  Erik and Jason Davila, Neff Torres and CEO, Ron Harris, a business veteran with 20 years’ experience launching products and solutions, both domestically and internationally. About three years ago the group decided to use its resources in the science community to find a way to rid the world of hangovers.

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