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Kickstarter funding has begun for a new hotel bed accessibility device for the disabled. The Bed Phrame Lift is a lightweight, portable bedside lift for the mobility impaired to access ultra high hotel

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Phrame Lift Access, a New York based company is now seeking startup capital through Kickstarter. Their new product The Bed Phrame Lift, is a lightweight, portable bedside solution to access ultra high hotel beds by wheelchair users, the elderly or anyone with a mobility impairment. Ultra high hotel beds are now common In all hotel rooms, even those rooms designated ADA wheelchair accessible, due to the adoption of luxury bedding. These high mattresses makes getting from a wheelchair into a bed dangerous or even impossible by most wheelchair users. Millions of people have been struggling with this issue for years. The Bed Phrame Lift is designed like a roll away bed, stored at hotels, and can be placed next to any ultra high hotel mattress and make it instantly accessible to anyone with mobility issues. The Kickstarter funding will allow our new company to build several lifts to prove to the hospitality industry the benefits to both hotels and the disabled or elderly traveler.

"Love this idea. It would be great if hotels could have a couple available as a standard for those of us that need it. I've made some crazy dangerous transfers to very high Hotel beds". JKD 9/20/17 Fb post

"love this idea. Last hotel stay i slept in my chair'. KK 9/20/17 Fb post

It is common that instead of sleeping in bed, people have to resort to sleeping in their wheelchairs. The height difference between wheelchair seat and mattress top could be up to 12 inches or more. Virtually impossible to get into bed for most mobility impaired even with assistance. However, this height differential can be easily remedied by the Bed Phrame Lift. The disabled community is now demanding hotels provide the Bed Phrame Lift. This hotel amenity is being labeled a "Game Changer". The Americans with Disabilities Act does not cover hotel furniture in its landmark law. Therefore there are no standards for hotel bed heights in wheelchair accessible hotel rooms. As a result, bed heights are variable in every hotel. Hotels want higher mattresses in ADA accessible rooms for non disabled customer satisfaction. ADA accessible rooms are often given to non disabled travelers during hotel overflow periods.

There are many reasons the disabled community is demanding implementation of the Bed Phrame Bedside Lift. Some of the unique benefits to wheelchair users, the elderly and the mobility Impaired are:
-increased comfort from better luxury mattresses
-use of gravity to aid in the transfer process to and from a wheelchair
-customization of any wheelchair to any ultra high bed
-travel confidence with the knowledge of easy bed transfers
-the desire to travel more and spending more at Bed Phrame Lift compliant hotels
-knowledge of easy family member assisted transfers
-reduction of anxiety due to unknown travel barriers
-eliminate the disabled consumers dissatisfaction with bed height

The Bed Phrame Lift also provides many positive benefits to the hospitality industry. By storing this device in hotels and offering it to the mobility impaired as needed. Hotels would benefit by offering:
-luxury bedding in all rooms including wheelchair accessible rooms
-elimination of family member or hotel staff injury in boxspring, mattress or frame removal to lower bed
-bed reconstruction after check out
-increased traveler confidence
-increased customer satisfaction
-increased hotel consumer reach
-increased consumer safety
-utilize a single standard style of beds for all rooms
-marketing to a large and growing disabled travel population of total accessibility
-to the elderly and small of stature a safe, easy, bed entry method without fall risk
-a bedside lift designed to be stored in closets with rollaway beds
-social responsibility by the hospitality industry to have equal access for disabled travelers
-eliminate the disabled consumers dissatisfaction with bed height
-ease of portability. The lift is designed to maneuver through narrow hallways and elevator
-Hotels could truly market that their properties are fully accessible and bed height barrier free

Hotels have made great strides in accessible accomodations. Ironically, accessibility lifts are currently offered for the mobility impaired to enter swimming pools and jacuzzis. However, the most important element of a hotel stay, sleeping in a hotel bed, is still unbelievably being denied to the disabled in wheelchair accessible hotel rooms. The Bed Phrame portable bedside lift solves bed height issues and would finally offer equal access to the disabled and elderly to easily sleep in ultra high hotel beds. The funding of this Kickstarter campaign will help launch our initial push to help millions of disabled people travel with the knowledge and confidence that bed height is no longer an obstacle. Eventually, our goal is to have one or more Bed PhrameLifts in every hotel in the world. Thus creating travel confidence for the disability traveler.

If you don't have mobility issues, be thankful. However, you probably know someone who is elderly or disabled that does need assistance and would benefit from this device being offered in every hotel. Please visit our website @ to read more about the Bed Phrame Lift and to pledge assistance to our Kickstarter funding. Our Kick starter site can be accessed directly @  For further inquiries contact Felicia or Anthony Amorello at Phrame Lift Access LLC @ 516.449.4603. ###

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