Learningonline.xyz Reinvents Corporate Learning with Cudoo for Enterprise

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Leveraging its adaptive, eLearning platform, learningonline.xyz launches Cudoo Enterprise to enhance Nanolearning engagement


According to Gallup Research, 68% of employees are not engaged, leading to $500 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. alone. Improved engagement leads to 24% higher productivity and more than 30% higher retention (Gallup and Deloitte University Press). Online solutions are rapidly coming to the fore as a highly affordable tool to enhance the learner experience and engage disillusioned and job mobile employees.

On average, Gen Y will have 9 jobs throughout their career and expect flexibility of location and working hours as part of their contract. 89% of Millennials would prefer to choose when and where they work rather than being placed in a 9-to-5 position (Odesk).  Employers need to promote them fast or give them options to gain more transferable skills otherwise they will leave. It costs an average of $24,000 to replace each Millennial employee, according to Microsoft and Experience Inc.

This is where online learning comes into its own. Affordable, set up to learn socially and available 24/7, it is the perfect solution for engagement and employee retention if done right.

Sue Brett, C.E.O. at Learningonline.xyz announced: “We launched Cudoo in response to feedback from our learners; adaptive, practical learning with a single login to find what they need when they need it. Cudoo Enterprise builds on this edTech, with a very affordable, track able solution for employee re-engineering. ”

Learningonline.xyz is currently adding specialty, industry specific skills to its product range, as it continues to deliver its mission of affordable, reachable learning.  

“What our clients also want to know is what difference will it make in the workplace and what does it cost. So focusing on low price delivery and high engagement tools based on adaptive learning was key for us. We are looking forward to launching Cudoo Enterprise at ATD 2016 in Denver, the perfect forum for collaborative expertise sharing," she added.

For more information visit learningonline.xyz, or visit us on the Eton Institute’s stand #947 at ATD 2016 on the 22nd March in Denver, CO.

About learningonline.xyz:

Learningonline.xyz delivers “re-inventful learning”: personalized, responsive based learning content in short, bursts of knowledge, using the latest RED (rapid e-learning development) techniques combined with Microlearning videos, mLMS and apps.

Through its interactive range of products, it offers over 200 self-study courses and micros, easily accessible via devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers in formats as varied as apps, videos, blogs, games, quizzes, simulations, podcasts, or slideshows.

Cudoo = self-paced online courses covering languages and professional development skills.


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