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New Mobile Dating App “Rescue Me Tonight” Launches on Kickstarter

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Mark your calendars. February 14, 2018. After months of pre-emptive marketing and development, a father/daughter team at Rincon Strategies, LLC, is pleased to announce launch of the Kickstarter campaign introducing the public to the app being called the Uber of online dating.

Regardless of how they’re made, dates go wrong. Mismatches, pick up artists, “bait and switch”, creepers, crazies and catfishers. Rescue Me Tonight is your safe ticket out of a bad date. Simply log on. Send out your SOS. Be rescued. 

Chief marketing director Cheyenne Frias reveals insights to the app. “Our goal is creating an app that our target market is going to care about. The app is very carefully designed and consistent with what it does and who its intended users are. It strongly reflects its theme and purpose, and its icon shouts “LOOK AT ME – I’M EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR”.

On any given night, in any city on the globe, there are thousands of dates taking place. Some are going well while others beg to die. In fact, there probably doesn’t exist an adult human on earth who has never experienced one and not known how to escape it safely.

Ms. Frias continues, “When we studied the online dating market and current competition on the app stores, we not only discovered flaws and shortcomings, but more importantly, we paid closer attention to user requests. Understanding these wishes allowed us to design a better mousetrap.”

Creator/President, Louie Frias followed up with, “We understand the strength of an app starts with its look and what people can quickly read about it and have designed its icon and description to create high intrigue and attention. It starts strong, ends strong and stacks up high against its competition.”

He continues, “The app allows the user to conclude the main action, which no other dating app does, in just two steps, and paves the way for users to actually have a shot at a high-quality relationship after the date. It's built on advanced touchscreen technology, embraces UX and UI principles, will be released for iOs and Android and complimented by a robust and user-friendly desk and laptop platform.”

Developing an app extends far beyond the initial phases of conception, design and launch. Maintaining them takes resources and these resources take the shape of initial funding to assure them legs of success in terms of time to be discovered. The Rescue Me Tonight Kickstarter campaign takes this necessity into account. At some point, there are always avenues of revenue to assure longevity and freshness of features to enhance and maintain user engagement and approval.

He concludes, “We felt there may not ever be a better time to Kickstart an app designed around love than on the holiday known globally for love – Valentine’s day.”

Ms. Frias finishes, “We’re excited beyond imagination at the possibilities that exist for our audience, so join us and learn more by visiting our website.”

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