Outdoor Roadtrip Adventure Colouring book, by illustrator Jason Blower, launched on Kickstarter this week.

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Creative book provide a nondigital escape from the concrete jungle or a fun family camping activity is nearing completion and is looking for crowdfunding support

Creative entrepreneur Jason Blower found an escape from the city while working on a personal project about road trips outdoors, drawing inspiration from his own childhood adventures.  This project has now been developed into a storytelling colouring book about those road trips camping, biking and canoeing, which was launched on Kickstarter to raise $5000 for the first print run.  The Campaign offers many rewards including copies of the book, enamel pins, art prints, original artwork, customized prints, original commissioned artwork and ultimate camping package including blankets, pillows, artwork and creative crafts. 


Working in the city, with the daily grind, many of us dream of an escape to nature's embrace, where we can turn off our computers, ipads, phones and unplug from the stress of modern life.  This was very true for Jason, so carving away on personal projects he started daydreaming of his childhood, family camping trips, summer camps with organizations like Scouts, building forts and exploring the local ravine with his friends. Certain that many others had similar experiences to these summer road trips he created three mini pictorial stories that flow into one another.  The tree stories are inspired by activities like camping,  hiking, biking and canoeing. Originally Jason released these as wall art painting/prints and now as a fun engaging colouring book.

Colouring is considered an alternative to Meditation that gives your brain a focus while also the freedom to wonder. Wonder through your feelings, reconcile conflict, reduce anxiety and foster self-awareness. While colouring families can bond, as it’s a task that you can easily do during a lively conversation while grouped around a picnic table. What better way of completing the unplugging then, picking up some colour and play like you used to do before life happened.  

The Outdoor Adventure colouring book, will certainly strike up memories of past road trips and childhood memories.  Your viewers or readers can support the book until July 1 2018, on Kickstarter  http://kck.st/2Lfvm1s 

After the campaign the book will retail for $10.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Jason Blower


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