Perfect Craft Cooking With Sylvia’s Healthy’s Christmas Candy Molds

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With Christmas just around the corner, people everywhere are baking treats for themselves and their neighbors. Here to make the process a bit easier are Candy Molds by Sylvia’s Healthy.


There are few better ways to celebrate the holiday season than by whipping up a batch of treats with a couple of friends and doling them out. A simple wintertime treat can make even the grouchiest, most reserved people brighten up with a childlike smile. Whether these treats come in the form of hard candies, soft toffees, small cakes, or even simple jello, they will always be appreciated. Sadly, many avoid this neighborly opportunity because of the complexity and time that needs to be put into it to have a delicious outcome. Here to make this task easier and more fun is Sylvia’s Healthy and its latest product: Christmas Candy Molds. These mold are perfectly shaped and extra-durable to ensure that Christmas cooking is always the festive activity it is meant to be.

The molds are able to help with nearly any cooking activity. These molds are even rated for the most extreme temperatures, ranging from negative forty degrees celsius to positive two hundred and thirty degrees celsius. The molds are even microwave safe. This temperature compatibility allows holiday chefs to cook in all sorts of mediums including bakery goods and frozen popsicles. Additionally, the set includes over forty molds, allowing the Sylvia’s Healthy molds to produce large batches of goods, perfect for providing treats to whole neighborhood. What’s more is that all of these mediums and shapes come at just one low price of less than fifteen dollars.

More than simply variety, the Sylvia's Healthy Christmas Candy Molds are made with the finest quality material. With non-stick coating, goods glide out of the molds once preparation is complete, ensuring that this Christmas’ cooking will be completely hassle-free. The molds are even BPA-free. This addition combined with the fact that the user will always know what goes into the molds allows the user make treats as healthy as they want them to be. As for the durability of these molds, they were tuned to be flexible enough to resist scratches, yet rigid enough to prevent tears and shattering. The fine elastic silicone material keeps the molds in shape, enabling the Sylvia’s Healthy molds to last for years to come.

About Sylvia’s Healthy

Sylvia’s Healthy is the company behind the adorable apple shaped Apple Slicer, sets of candy molds, and other simply treasured kitchen tools. Sylvia’s Healthy was founded by none other than Sylvia herself, a mother who strives to give her children and the children of others the same great treats she used to enjoy from her mother. 

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