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Smartphone privacy tool BLOXVOX launches on Kickstarter

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Today BLOXVOX launches on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.  Starting at $50, BLOXVOX is the world’s first voice privacy tool that is functional, affordable, and delightfully easy to use.

Link to BLOXVOX on Kickstarter

BLOXVOX enables you to have a truly private phone call - the ergonomic device is held over the mouth, and the microphone from a pair of headphones slips in the side compartment.  Your voice is substantially blocked from reaching people nearby, but perfectly audible to the person you’re calling.

Greg Umhoefer, founder of BLOXVOX, explains: “The open office is widely hailed as the ideal workplace, but it creates a real problem for workers: there’s no good way to have private phone calls.  Whether it’s an important client call, or simply personal in nature, many conversations are inappropriate for coworkers to overhear.  Most people unplug their laptop, get up, and rush to find somewhere quiet.  But with BLOXVOX, you can have those conversations at your desk.  Someday, we'll look back and realize how ridiculous it was to duck into hallways and stairwells to talk privately.”

With BLOXVOX, coworkers can work effectively in close proximity, allowing employers to make efficient use of office space and create a productive work environment.

Though designed for the office, BLOXVOX is also perfect for other settings such as coffee shops, commuter trains, airports, call centers, and dorm rooms.

BLOXVOX is light enough to hold comfortably or use hands-free with an included head strap.  Also, the product is small enough to easily fit in laptop bags and purses.

Greg Umhoefer previously worked in consulting at a “Big Four” audit firm and was a founding team member and CFO of an international financial technology startup.  After 7 years in Finance, Greg rolled up his sleeves and set about solving his “favorite” office problem.  “I work in offices all over the world: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Luxembourg, and Hangzhou.  The problem is universal - everyone hustles to a quiet place to talk privately.”

The name BLOXVOX is derived from the Latin vox which means voice.  The product “blocks voice”.

For more information, visit or contact for a media kit.

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