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Top Dentist Dr. Monterosso Now Offers Netflix Viewing During Dental Exams

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Having a root canal performed has never been this entertaining! When patients come in for a visit with their dentist, Dr. Gregg Monterosso, they can either bring along their personal fully charged media device or use our tablet that's set up with Netflix. After settling into the examination chair, patients are fitted with the Glyph – a sleek personal theater headset made by Avengant. As soon as patients open their mouths, their eyes lock onto the streaming images of the Glyph, and they slip into new surroundings.

Once the Glyph is plugged into any HDMI-ready gadget, such as a smartphone, laptop, game console, or tablet, images are projected directly to the eyes, so viewers experience the video content up-close and personal. Using advanced optics and Avengant’s patented Retinal Imaging Technology, there are no screens to look at. Two million micro-mirrors create a high-resolution, crisp, and clear display. As Dr. Monterosso takes a look at their teeth, patients are immersed directly into the video content for vivid and enjoyable 360-degree entertainment.

Dr. Monterosso, recipient of the title Fellow from the International Congress of Oral Implantology, recently expanded his practice to offer placement and restoration of implants. His cosmetic dentistry services were also increased to include a full range of makeover treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers. Additionally, Dr. Bobby Bakshoudeh, an experienced and skilled endodontist, joined the practice to complete the range of professional dental services offered to their patients.

Anxiety over going to the dentist is a common emotional reaction. At Dr. Monterosso’s office, the dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Zad Khan, consults with patients to offer relaxing sedation, if necessary. A calm and gentle experience for every patient in the dentist chair is the mission of this leading practice. Along with Dr. Khan’s medical solutions, the Glyph is presented as a way to alleviate nervousness and allow patients to breathe easy.

When it comes to the Glyph’s physical comfort, the streamlined and lightweight design of this hi-tech headset allows it to fit snugly. Nose pieces come in a variety of sizes and can be inserted and removed in a snap, so it’s easy to rest the Glyph on all patients’ faces. The optics can also be focused and swiveled to accommodate each eye’s visual condition, so prescription eyewear can be removed without compromising image quality. No detail was left unperfected, and it’s no wonder that the Glyph won The Best of CES Innovation Award 2016, an annual contest to honor exceptional engineering and design in consumer technology.

No matter what dental service is needed, Dr. Monterosso’s office combines a modern, pleasant setting with advanced equipment and a friendly approach, altogether providing patients with first-rate care. All dentistry is practiced, including cleanings, root canal treatments, crowns, whitening, implant restorations, veneer, dentures, CAD/CAM restorations, and much more. With over twenty years of experience, this Upper East Side of Manhattan office is located conveniently to welcome new and returning patients. Now with the Glyph, a visit to Dr. Monterosso’s dental chair has become the ultimate place to recline, retreat from the world, and catch up on all the popular Netflix programs.

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Dr. Gregg V. Monterosso
185 E 85th St #2,
New York, NY, 10028
Phone:(212) 427-4277

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