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How to Do Keyword Research Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool

Media coverage in a major news outlet can lend to tons of targeted traffic generated. If you want to maximize your market penetration and traffic, Press Release Jet recommends using the Google Keyword Planner Tool to identify search keyword opportunities and using that data towards your press release content strategy.

Benefits of Leveraging Keyword Research

  • Press Release content strategy that is backed up by the latest data from Google
  • Reach the top of Google for highly searched, targeted keywords. See examples of the kind keyword opportunities.
  • Increase conversion rate from more exposure in search results of your brand’s target keywords
  • Improve relevancy of your website for your targeted keywords to Google
  • Drastic boost of targeted traffic to your website

How to Do Keyword Research

  1. Create a free Google Adwords account at https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/Home.
  2. Login to your Google Adwords dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Tools -> Keyword Planner
  4. Click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” to expand.
  5. Enter your keyword(s) one per line and click “Get ideas”
  6. On the next page below the “Average monthly searches” graph, switch from “Ad group ideas” to the “Keyword ideas” tab.
  7. On this screen, you can see the Average Monthly Searches for each keyword under the “Avg. monthly searches” column.

Applying Keyword Research to Your Press Release

  1. Choose a primary keyword (eg. iPhone repair) and 2-3 secondary keywords (eg. Los Angeles iPhone repair, iPhone repair services, iPhone repair in Los Angeles)
  2. Craft your headline with the primary keyword in it
  3. Write your press release body with 1-2 mentions of the primary keyword and 1 mention of each of your secondary keywords.
  4. Link the primary and secondary keywords in the press release to corresponding, relevant pages on your website.
  5. Send your press release. Repeat to continue dominating for your keywords, and reach a wider audience by diversifying your keywords.
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