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Internet Marketing for Lawyers

The legal world is changing rapidly. Competition is fiercer than ever, with the number of lawyers graduating from law school exceeding available jobs [1] for the first time in years. But young attorneys have a significant advantage in their ability to use their native knowledge of technology to engage in effective Internet marketing.

You probably never imagined that you would need to learn about Internet marketing in order to succeed as a lawyer. But clearly, you need to kick-start a lawyer Internet marketing campaign if you want your firm to remain competitive. How can you do so with a minimum amount of stress and expense?

Some firms hire a digital marketing agency to accomplish this task. These agencies can offer expertise in SEO and website development which you and your colleagues may lack. But outsiders sometimes lack the first-hand knowledge of your firm, services, and clients to deploy a successful social media campaign for you. In addition, they typically charge $100-150 per hour [2] for their services without any guarantee of real results.

With a simple Internet marketing strategy, you can find creative ways to market your firm effectively. One part of this strategy would be issuing a legal press release.

Many people nowadays have a negative view of legal press releases. Some even say that the press release is dead! However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

However many press releases are ineffective because their creators do not know how to craft them properly.  Reporters simply do not have time to read all of the thousands of press releases that are issued every day.

There are ways to make your legal press release stand out so that it won’t be ignored. A simple knowledge of basic SEO can help with that.

Make use of Google’s AdWords tool to increase search volume. The idea is to find high-frequency keywords to use in your headline and first paragraph so that your legal press release can be found easily by search engines. Use these high-frequency keywords as part of a catchy, attention-grabbing headline.

Keep in mind that local search parameters matter too! For example, you can specify “Seattle Attorney” instead of just “Attorney” to increase traffic from your area.

A legal press release is a low-cost, efficient way to deploy your Internet marketing strategy. For only $69, you can go to Press Release Jet’s online order form, enter your body of text and contact information, and get your legal press release out to all the premium news outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google News and Bing News). For only $129, you can order a Premium Press Release Package, which will give you the best search engine optimization.

These are strategies which can be highly effective and also save a lot of money for your firm.

Get that competitive edge in the world of Internet marketing for lawyers and use a legal press release to get news about your firm out to the world.


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